LA Galaxy - are they done for the season?

Van Damme was a vital veteran presence last season but has struggled this season. The Galaxy front office has been open to family circumstances. Previously, they allowed a before the contract was up transfer for Stefan Ishizaki back to Sweden in anticipation for the birth and raising of his twins. Van Damme has expressed his desire to go back to Belgium to be closer to his children. And so the management fielded offers and made a deal happen. Thus, the Galaxy bid farewell to Jelle Van Damme by completing a transfer to Royal Antwerp FC in the top Belgian League.

Here is the highlight farewell video prepared by the LA Galaxy media team:

There is reporting but nothing official that says the LA Galaxy will be bringing in Michael Ciani from France. Looks like he played a number of minutes at first division French league for many years but fell out of contract after the conclusion of the 2016-2017 season and has been looking for a club to play for in the 2017-2018 season.

Mathematically, the LA Galaxy are not out of the playoff hunt but practically speaking they are unlikely to make it given how far behind they are. Nonetheless, the players on the club will be playing for pride and contracts and roles for the 2018 season.

Who starts out of the current lineup?

With Van Damme out and Ciani not yet in, Steres and Romney start at central defense. Cole and van Anholt at wide defense.

Jones has the foot injury which he played through in the previous match but I think he will not start on Wednesday. Instead, look for Pedro and J. dos Santos to take defensive midfield.

Alessandrini and Boateng at wide attacking midfield and G. dos Santos at central attacking midfield.

Who is at the lone forward?

Zardes probably gets the start in the hopes of getting his confidence back. On the other hand, maybe it is time to have him watch from the bench for 60 minutes and come in with fresh legs to run at the opposition? But who starts instead? McInerney? McBean? Lassiter? Jamieson? As much as fans and analysts get down on Zardes, am not sure the other options are better. I suppose some might say they couldn't be worse. Of the four non-Zardes options, from the handful of matches I have seen, I think Jamieson and Lassiter probably have the most upside for the future and so one or the other could be plugged in for Zardes to give them some more experience. However, in looking at the stats page, McBean has gotten more minutes this season so maybe the coaching staff have McBean higher on the depth chart.

UPDATE: I see in today's LA Times that GDS is still injured and not available for selection for tonight's match against Columbus. Thus, what do you think fellow LA Galaxy supporters: 4-4-2?

Rowe in goal.
The usual back 4: Cole/Romney/Steres/Van Anholt
The usual 4 in the midfield: Boateng/Pedro/JDS/Alessandrini
But what about the 2 forwards?
McBean and McInerney or Lassiter and Jamieson?
Zardes off the bench?

UPDATE: Ooofff ...... LAG loses to Columbus at Columbus 2-0. You can stick a fork in the Galaxy season. They need around 25 points to make it to the playoffs. With 10 games left, they would need to win 8 and draw 1 to get 25 points. Considering that the club hasn't won in a couple of months, it isn't looking too good. Below, the lowlights if you consider it from the LAG perspective.