@ the movies

Saw Pirates of the Caribbean. Good fun action pic. I know the Disney ride from my childhood. In those days (a long time ago, in a galaxy far away...), that ride along with the Haunted Mansion and the Mattahorn were the thrill rides of amusement parks! Now, they would be considered much too slow and boring for the massive rollar coasters of Magic Mountain.

The film features Depp as a Pirate Captain with an agenda to recover his old ship, Bloom as the guy who wants to save the girl and Knightsley as the damsel in distress who actually is pretty capable in addition to being of course pretty.

The visuals were great. In particular some of the scenes where moonlight comes into play. Won't give it away for those who haven't seen it. Suffice to say ILM probably did those! In the long and never ending credits at the end of the film, we see on the lists that the visual effects were contracted out to a number of FX shops in addition to ILM. And do stick to the very end for a nice little thing at the end. I wonder if that was an out-take they stuck in or it was intentional?

As a film goer, I am drawn by characters that I like and root for and I do in this film. And at a technical level, I like to see how the story unfolds, the quality of the visuals and the soundtrack. And on all these points the film does just fine. So three stars out of four and a great movie to see in a nice air-conditioned theatre on a hot summers day!