How good are the Dodgers?

Four big series coming up. 4 against St. Louis at St. Louis then back to Dodger's stadium for 3 against Atlanta, 3 against Florida and 3 against the Angels.

If the Dodgers can split these 13 games then I think they are right on track.

Middle relief has been a bit shaky of late. That situation should improve when Gagne returns in a couple of weeks. Penny looks to be the #1 starter fans were hoping for. Lowe finally a bad outing but otherwise has been solid. Weaver and Perez are good when they are good and get pounded when they are bad. Erickson the fifth starter hasn't done much but then again, you don't expect too much from that spot in the rotation.

Jason Philips, the late acquisition at catcher has been a great pick up.

A lot more offense on this year's team. Having Penny and Lowe anchor the rotation could make DePodesta look like a genius. Go Dodgers!