Sports: Congrats to the Gators and thanks for the memories Bruins!

Florida won easily 73-57 over the Bruins tonight in the National Championship game.

First off, hats off to Florida. They played well and deserve all the praise they are receiving.

UCLA got this far by team effort and they were beaten by a team that was well balanced and executed their plans at both ends effectively.

There is little to say when one side is taller, faster and stronger top to bottom.

Pat Riley, former Los Angeles Laker coach, said of basketball, there are only two states: winning and misery.

The wrong number for the Bruins: 10 blocked shots by Florida. And who knows how many altered and rushed shots. If the Bruins scored on half of those occasions, that is 10 points and the complexion of the game is different. It moves from a blowout to being a potentially competitive game.

But the fact remains: the better team won.

Winning or misery.

Within misery there are two: the loss where you kick yourself for your mistakes and the loss where you are beaten, throttled, and crushed by a superior foe. I suppose one is worse than the other because one lingers and gnaws while the other just hurts.

Nonetheless, thank you Bruins for giving your fans three more wins than expected!

John Wooden offered this idea for the meaning of success:
The definition I coined for success is: Peace of mind attained only through self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you're capable.
Looking at the Bruin season in total, it would have to be said it was an unqualified success.