Sports: UCLA vs. LSU

UCLA has been on a magic carpet ride as probably the biggest underdog #2 ever.

They survived against Alabama in round two when Alabama had the shot to win but missed. They stole the game against Gonzaga. They slowed down Memphis enough to win.

5:47 PM, PST. LSU vs. UCLA. The Final Four.

Everyone says the Bruins are the underdogs. The Pac10 regular season and tournament champs are the underdogs just like George Mason, the number two team from the unheralded Colonial and maligned as a team that didn't deserve to be in the NCAA.

LSU has athletes and size and talent. UCLA's only hope is that the sum total of all their parts will be enough to eek out another win. From listening to the radio, about the only two weaknesses reported on LSU is that sometimes their outside shooting vanishes and they can be careless with the ball.

UCLA will have to somehow (1) make sure Davis doesn't totally dominate ... he'll get his points but just don't let him go wild (2) with quick double downs on the post, UCLA will have to recover fast if the ball goes back out to an open shooter and (3) pressure defense hopefully forcing turnovers which must be converted to easy baskets as UCLA isn't getting any easy baskets against LSU's half-court defense which has been reported to be a stiffling one too.

Do these three things, UCLA *might* have a chance to win down the end.

It hasn't been pretty but its been good.

Here's hoping the Bruins have enough to survive and advance.

Go Bruins!