LA Scene: Hiking Mt. Baldy

As Angelinos, we see it ... well, when we can see it: Mt. Baldy.

On a clear day, it is the tallest peak we can see. In winter, it is often snow covered. It is part of the whole Southern California appeal: go from a snow covered mountain to the sandy beaches in one day.

For Labor Day weekend, me and a couple of friends decided it was time to hike the famed peak.

We drove on the 210 to Claremont. We got off at the first Clarmont exit and went north (very short distance) to Baseline Road. We headed east on Baseline until we hit Mill Road where we turned left. Mill Road runs through some residential areas. Eventually, we turned right onto Mt. Baldy Road. It is curvy at parts so take your time. We parked at the ski lifts.

The round-trip cost of the lift is $15. People can hike that stretch but it adds 7 miles to the journey. The lift drops you off at Top of the Notch. From there, you walk a bit north and then turn left and follow the hikers up the mountain. Eventually, you hit Devils Backbone Trail and hike to the top of old Baldy.

The route is 3-plus miles with 2200 feet gain. A few spots are steep and narrow so just take it slow. We covered the distance in a bit over 2 hours.

Here are my two buddies next to the plaque for Mt. San Antonio, 10,064 feet.

And of course, the plaque ...

A popular day hike! Click on the image to get a panoramic view.