Politics: Santorum's turn to be the anti-Romney?

If the PPP polls in Colorado and Minnesota are to be believed... it might be Santorum's turn to be the option to Romney!

The poll in Colorado dated 2/4, has Santorum in second place with 26% surpassing Gingrich.

And most stunning, Santorum is ahead of Romney in Minnesota by 2% in the 2/4 PPP poll.

There is also a non-binding primary in Missouri on Tuesday that Santorum is placing emphasis on.

Anyway, will see if RCP posts any new polls tomorrow before the voting on Tuesday.

UPDATE:  Nope.  No new polling data at RCP.  The contests in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri all appear to be non-binding so I suppose that is part of the reason polling has been minimal.  Nonetheless, there will be news coverage.  My wild guess:  win - lose - draw for Romney and Santorum. Romney takes Colorado, Santorum takes Missouri and a very close contest in Minnesota between the two.  Doubts about Romney are strong within the GOP but Bachman, Perry, Cain and Gingrich have risen and fallen as alternatives.  Santorum has his issues as well but probably not as serious as the other not-Romney's. 

UPDATE:  Wow, Santorum might sweep all three!  He was declared the winner of Missouri and Minnesota and he is currently leading in Colorado with about 1/2 the votes counted (as of 9:11 PST).  Don't know if any pundit was calling for a hat trick tonight?!

UPDATE:  Romney has edged out to small lead in Colorado.  We shall see who winds up with the win after the votes are counted.

UPDATE:  Its a sweep.  Just as South Carolina threw the race in doubt after Romney took NH, this triple play does so again after Romney's strong Florida and Nevada victories.