For this fan 3 acts to the LFC season so far ...

Started following Liverpool when they were torn apart by Real Madrid 3-0 in a leg one match of the Champion's League.
Act 1: L-D-W-L-L-L-L-D-W-W-D-D-L, ick! 

Everyone knew they were going to miss Suarez and Sturridge but what happened to all those summer signings?

The 3-0 loss to Man U turned the page for a magic carpet ride in ...
Act 2: W-D-W-W-D-W-W-W-D-D-L-W-W-D-W-W-W-W-L-W-W-D-W, wow what a turn-around!

BR plugged in the right players into a formation to capitalize on their speed and they started winning.

But then Man U and the ill fated red card started the current tailspin of ...
Act 3: L-L-W-W-L-D-L, six goals in the last seven games, one goal in the last three, and no goals in the last two.

Its probably a combination of teams figuring out how to neutralize Liverpool's speed, players worn down from the long season, and injuries that have caused a lot of line-up juggling.

Hopefully, the team will come out with a fresh mindset and put QPR away with a 2-0 or 3-1 home win!

A loss and the calls for Rodgers' firing will rise get very loud. I suspect even a draw will yield a major uproar!