Should he stay or should he go? Manager Rodgers and the final two games

I had previously wrote:
"If Liverpool were to take 3 losses in this stretch, the ownership group may look to sack Rodgers. Clearly, unless the team falls to a rash of injuries, they should get 4 to 5 wins over the next 6. Failure to do so would represent a failure to motivate the team which would be a firing offense."

I had forgotten that draws were likely outcomes. But my view of 3 losses still stands.

How have they been doing?
Draw to West Ham
Loss to Hull
Win over QPR
Draw to Chelsea

Tomorrow, Liverpool play Crystal Palace at home with a Stevie G send off and the final game of the season is at Stoke.

Both opponents are in safety from relagation so they don't have to win except for pride. Don't know if their managers are going to use the final two games to test out younger players in which case getting a win or draw might be easier for Liverpool.

On the Liverpool side, their number 5 spot is relatively safe as Tottenham and Southampton who could catch them haven't been winning. I do wonder if those managers maybe testing out players planning for next season.

I wonder if Rodgers will plug in perhaps one of their youngsters in each of the last two games to test them out. He gave Sinclair ~ 20 minutes in the last match. Wonder who else might get a call up? Certainly, Gerrard, a fierce competitor wants to go out a winner at home and in his last EPL game so he and his Liverpool teammate should be quite motivated. Thus, I don't see Rodgers doing wholesale testing of younger players. So my guess for the starting XI will be pretty much the same as last week unless somebody is injured.

2-1 win over Crystal Palace
1-0 win over Stoke.

The other thing to watch is whether Rodgers will have Gerrard play all 90 minutes or have him subbed off to applause as in last week's Chelsea game. Barring injury, my guess is that Gerrard will get a full 90 unless Liverpool has a two or more goal lead.