Liverpool defeated by Crystal Palace in Gerrard's last home game

What can you say?

The soccer script writers have not been kind to Gerrard's final season.

It is remarkable how the same team that was pretty much beating everyone before now finds itself struggling to stay competitive.

I suppose one part of the problem is that the season is very long. Between Premier League matches, Champions League, Europa League, League Cup, and FA Cup competitions, this team's legs have logged lots of miles. If they are 100% they win today's game. But lately they are probably playing 94 to 97% and that means struggles and ugly defeats. The team just seemed to be slow in reacting on defense and only occasionally had bursts of speed in the offensive half.

Another problem appears to be explainable with the cliche that "the team doesn't know how to win the big game."

I've only been actively following the team since November 2014. During that time, when there were pressure situations, they haven't been able to get the win. Facing the end of their Champions League season, they could only manage a draw against Basel (Basal would be easily eliminated in the next round). In the elimination game in the League Cup, they lost 1-0 to Chelsea. In the second leg of the Europa Cup, they fell to Besiktas (Besiktas would be eliminated easily in the next round). Vying to be in the top four they lost back-to-back to Manchester United and Arsenal. In the FA Cup semi-final they were outclassed by the almost relegated Aston Villa.

An additional factor for the team is whether the emotions of Gerrard's final home game played into the psyche of the team?

In any case, the final game of Gerrard's Liverpool career will be on the road at Stoke. Hopefully, the team can summon the strength and will to send him out a winner.