Days of our lives

If there is someone in your life who you love and who loves you, that together the two of you do good for others and happiness flows between you, thank your God and that special person.

And if you would, give a little extra grace and understanding to those who don't have what you have.

Here are some thoughts from a single person:

There are certain days on the calendar that are awful: New Years, Valentine's day, birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

New Years: no girlfriend to kiss to ring in the New Years.

Valentine's day: my dream of proposing and giving her an engagement ring remains a mirage in the distant desert horizon as I taste the sand and sweat of my solo journey.

Birthday: no wife who feels that the date of my birth is a big deal because that was the day her husband came into this world.

Thanksgiving: no falling on my knees thanking God that my wife will soon be the mother of our child.

Christmas: no video cameras to take to the school play where my kid is the Christmas lobster (from the film Love Actually).

Decades of life and these 5 things remain beyond my reach, desired but just dreams that dissolve upon the waking of my real life.