Dodger Update

Well, the Dodgers are hovering around .500 which was what was expected by experts at the beginning of the season.

Went to my fifth game last night where the Dodgers lost to the Brewers 7-5. The home run hurt the Dodgers as the Brewer runs came on a grand slam before their was one out and a three-run blast in the eigth.

Tonight, the Dodgers managed to win 2-1. Emergency starter, D.J. Houlton gave up 1 run in 5 1/3. The relief of Wunch, Sanchez and Brazoban held the lead and Gagne got the save.

If the radar gun is accurate, Gagne is definitely not quite up to full speed yet as his fastball was at 92 mph and he threw a lot of change ups clocking at 84 mph.

I've seen the Dodgers beat the Giants and Colorado and lose to Arizona, Atlanta and Milwaukee. Hopefully, when I see my sixth game they will win bringing my viewing record to 3-3 which would mirror about where they are anyway.

Dodger offense has slipped from earlier in the year when they were near the top in run scoring. But the other huge problem is the ERA which is near the bottom of the MLB.


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