June Gloom: The beginning of the end of the Dodger season?

That was ugly. It had everything that has been going wrong with the Dodger season. Decent pitching but no run support and runs given up by fielding problems.

The sports radio hosts and callers are on a ledge and there is blame all around.

However, what can you say when the facts are these:

The original cast and crew was supposed to be this:
Catcher - Jason Philips - He has been a pleasant surprise
First Base - Hee Seop Choi and Olmedo Saenz - Doing about what was expected
Second Base - Jeff Kent - Doing what was expected
Third Base - Jose Valentin - on the DL
Shortstop - Caesar Izturis - Doing about what was expected
Left Field - Jason Werth - still not 100% after being on DL
Center Field - Milton Bradley - on the DL
Right Field - J.D. Drew - injured but not yet on the DL

Out of 8 position players, 4 are either on the DL, came off the DL or are heading to the DL. And these four were supposed to be the big boppers in the lineup.

And of course the huge hole in the relief corp is Gagne on the DL. Everyone has to pitch a bit more and take up roles they are less familiar with.

In 1990, the Lakers were on their way to a third NBA title when Byron Scott and Magic Johnson got injured. The Lakers were swept by the Pistons. It was frustrating for the Lakers and their fans.

Dodger fans are in the same boat but unfortunately, it isn't even the All Star break yet and we are having to think about next season already.

On the other hand, the NL West is such a weak division that despite all the Dodger woes, they are still in on the edge of being in contention. The Dodgers are one good winning streak from being back in contention. If they can stay in contact with the top of the NL West and injured players start returning to the line-up, it could still be an exciting hunt for October.