Random ramblings...

First off, what do you think of the new layout?

Decided it was time to change the template. Hope you all like it.

Good sports day for Dodger fans. A come from behind win against the NL West leading Padres! Dodgers split the four games down in Petco. The team after EIGHT losses in a row was left for dead. Well, they are still in bad shape but they are still kicking. Three big games against the Angels. The Dodgers need to know they can beat top level teams to have some confidence going forward. After the three-game series with the Angels, it is three more with the Padres.

Game SEVEN. Nothing like those two words in all of sports. The NBA powers-that-be must be pleased that the championship went the full seven. Great game tonight with solid defense and clutch plays by the big names. The Spurs just had a little more left in the tank and it showed in the fourth quarter.

Congrats to the Spurs on their third title. Truly, a team effort with big plays from Duncan, Horry and Ginobli. An amazing block by Bowen late in the game was a big moment. Parker hit a few shots that kept them in the game.

Quick run down of some recent films I've seen:

Finally saw Star Wars - Episode Three - The Revenge of the Sith. Tidied up all the loose ends setting things up nicely for the middle trilogy. The romance between Skywalker and Padme was rather forced and otherwise limp. Special effects were amazing but there is a saturation point. Remember in Episode Four when there were just four TIE fights buzzing around the Millenium Falcon as they were getting away from the Death Star? Well, in Episode Three you have battles probably with 40+ fighters running around. Is it TEN times more exciting? Alas, no.

Saw Sideways on rental DVD. It was okay. Couldn't quite live up to all the hype. I also have to say the foul language and over the top sex scenes really detracted from the film. Paul Giamatti's performance was great. I also have to give kudos to Virginia Madsen. She was absolutely radiant and probably the only character I was really rooting for in terms of finding happiness.

Also on DVD, finally saw Incredibles. AMAZING film. Entertaining, smart, funny, well done, well voiced. Super job. Definitely a thumbs up and continues the high level of work coming out of PIXAR.