Dodger baseball live radioblogging

2:57 pm The Dodgers have been no-hit for 7 innings. Their one base runner was a walk. The Met pitcher Pedro Martinez is that close to a perfect game and now is 6 outs away from his first no-hitter and the first no-hitter in Met history.

The Dodgers are down 1-0 so bunting to break the no-hitter would not be a violations of "the rules" because the Dodgers want to try to get a baserunner who would be the tying run.

Ricky Ledee is at bat for the Dodgers in the bottom of the 8th.

3:01 pm K, 1 out.

Antonio Perez at bat.

3:02 pm Perez gets a triple!!!!!!!!!!!! The crowd goes wild!!!!!! No hitter is gone.

3:04 pm Jayson Werth homers!!!!!!!!! Dodgers lead 2-1!!! The crowd really goes wild! Shutout is gone and Dodgers lead.

3:05 pm Navarro grounds out. 6-3, 2 outs.

Penny grounds out. 6-3, 3 outs.

3:10 pm top of the ninth.

Piazza, K, 1 out.

Anderson, double.

Anderson steals third and passed ball.

3-1 to Diaz.

Fouled off 3-2.

3:15 pm 4-2 fielder's choice, 2 outs! Check swing dribbler. Perez went home and Navarro blocks plate and gets Anderson at the plate.

3:17 pm Matsui pinch-hitting for Williams.

1-2, the crowd is screaming and on their feet!

Low, 2-2.

Fouled off.

Swing and a miss! K, 3 outs.

Dodgers win!!

Box score at Yahoo! Sports.

Dodgers are 5 games out! Can they string together a few wins?