A Visit to Glacier National Park, Part I

Just got back from Glacier National Park.

Amazing place!

The itinerary in brief:

Flew on Delta from LAX to Salt Lake City, Utah and changed planes to fly into Glacier National Park International Airport just north of Kalispell, Montana.

Day 1 - arrived in the westside of the park at Lake McDonald, had dinner at Eddie's right next to our motel stay at Apgar Lodge, hiked 4 miles round-trip (500 feet gain) on the Avalanche Lake trail and got back in time for ice cream!

Day 2 - drove Going-to-the Sun road that traverses the park. Set up tents at St. Mary's Lake campground on the eastside of the park. Hiked part of the way up to Siyah Pass from Sunrift Gorge which if we completed it would have been 5.6 miles one-way with a 3440 feet gain. As it was, we went out about 3 1/2 hours and decided to turn back. We took a break by visiting Barring Falls which was a mere 0.6 round-trip with a 250 foot drop.

Day 3 - drove to Many Glacier Hotel trailhead to hike 6.1 miles (1400 foot gain) to the backcountry campsite at Cracker Lake.

Day 4 - hiked back out of Cracker Lake and luckily found a campsite at Many Glacier campground which fills up fast in the summer! After setting up camp and lounging around and getting showers at the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn (buy tokens at the gift shop for the public showers!), we drove to the Candian side to visit Waterton Lakes National Park. Had dinner at the Italian Gardens restaurant next to the Swiftcurrent Motor Inn.

Day 5 - attended a worship service hosted by A Christian Ministry in the National Parks at the Many Glacier Campground. Then went on a hike to Iceberg Lake, 9.8 miles round-trip 1200 feet gain. Dinner was once again at Italian Gardens. We caught a Ranger talk at Many Glacier Hotel about glaciers and mountains. What were the three forces at work to make Glacier NP? Sedimentation, uplift and glaciation!

Day 6 - drove back to the Kalispell with a stop at Logan Pass to visit Hidden Lake Overlook, 3 miles round-trip 460 feet gain. Arrived at the Motel 6 in Kalispell and took it easy. Dinner was at the Bulldog Pub.

Day 7 - dropped off my buddy at the airport and I explored Kalispell for a spell (I couldn't resist!) before my flight. Flew home to Los Angeles via Salt Lake City.

Enough words, now for a few pictures ...

The creek that runs from Avalanche Lake.

The view along Siyah Pass Trail.

Cracker Lake!

Grizzly bears along the trail to Iceberg Lake. There were two but the only good photo I got of the bears was this one where you only see one.

Iceberg Lake!

Swiftcurrent Lake from the Many Glaciers Hotel.

More to come!

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TL said…
your photos are GORGEOUS, where do i purchase prints!? :)