Weaver does it all!

Went to my tenth Dodger game of the season.

The Dodgers win 8-3 over the hapless Rockies. Weaver worked 8 innings and went 3-4 with 3 RBI. Robles got 4 RBI. And it was just great to see the Dodgers swipe a couple of bases (Werth stole 2) after seeing others robbing them blind.

Clearly, tonight's game ball goes to Weaver who at the start of the season was at best the number three starter behind Penny and Lowe. As it stands, Weaver is the tireless horse grinding out the most innings on the team, garnering the most wins and getting the most strikeouts. He is a free-agent at the end of the year and if he finishes strong will be in a position to ask for more dough.

Thus, tonight was a great night for the Dodgers on the field and the fans in the stands.

Unfortunately, the Padres beat Clemens 2-0! Thus, the Dodgers remain 5 games back still on the edge of in the hunt.

Alas, the news off the field is not good.

Perez is back on the DL and so Tracy is going to have to decide whether to put DJ Houlton as the number four starter (he has been the number five) or Edwin Jackson who was called up from AA-Jacksonville.

And then there is the other off-the-field troubles in the ongoing Kent-Bradley feud and the whispering about about Derek Lowe that has gone public.


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