Sports: Friday night lights - high school basketball

Went to see a high school basketball game last night.

The contest was between Harvard-Westlake Wolverines vs. St. Francis Golden Knights. HW won easily, 88-42.

It was the final home game of the season and senior honor night. The crowd cheered for each senior as announced and the senior would present a rose to a parent. After that, the game began.

It was close for part of the 1st quarter. But it was clear that the Wolverines were taller and more athletic. And in particular was the star of HW, Alex Stepheson who vacuumed up every loose ball and played above the rim. Suffice to say he has been heavily recruited. In the end, Roy Williams of the UNC Tarheels was able to sign him for his dominent play.

The atmosphere of the game was energetic. On one side of the gym was the home team bleachers which was almost full. The opposite side of the gym was the guest bleachers and the team benches. That side was about half full. I went to the home side of the gym and at one end, the parents and family of the team sat on the bleachers while on the student side of the bleachers, the students stood the whole game.

Probably for 95% of the kids, this will be the pinnacle of their basketball careers. The lessons learned in discipline in practice and the value of loyalty and teamwork will serve them well in life.

All the best to the graduates of Harvard-Westlake and St. Francis!!