News: Troop proposal for Southern Lebanon

Went to to see the latest news. This item says the current proposal is for 10,000 Turkish and Egyptian troops which eventually would be replaced by another multi-national force of 30,000.

I wonder what Hezbollah will do?

I suppose the "stick" could be, accept this deal or the IDF sweeps into Southern Lebanon with its tank and troops to destroy your rocket launchers and stockpiles.

How confident is Hezbollah in their fighting capability?

If they believe they could run a low level conflict with Israel, they might prefer to that option and count on world pressure to force Israel to stop the offensive and leave Lebanon.

Or does Hezbollah want the mulit-national force in there and give them a bloody nose and drive them out instead of having to drive Israel out?

We shall see how this all unfolds.

For the moment, I'm sure the move to get a multi-national force will take a bit of time to get on track; thus, the IDF will use its time to hunt down more Hezbollah targets.