Politics: How Gov. Palin Might Answer One of the Questions?

She's got many advisers in her corner.

However, if I were helping craft a response to this question ...

Gov. Palin, please respond to the concern that voters have about your lack of international experience.

I would suggest something like this ...

Compared to Sen. John McCain, I'd say Sen. Obama, Sen. Biden and I have relatively less foreign policy experience.

Though voters do value experience, in my lifetime, several governors have been elected president who also had to respond to the criticism that they didn't have extensive experience in world affairs.

I think what people are looking for is: what does this candidate believe about America and its place in the world? Would I trust this person to make wise decisions that would affect my son or daughter who is serving in our armed forces?

I'm proud to be an American. I believe America, in addition to being a strong nation, is a good nation. As such, we have the opportunity to help other nations out of the abundance God has given to us. Because of our strength, we have a responsibility to use that strength wisely to help foster peace and democracy for those who yearn for it.

I respect Sen. Biden's years of service in the Senate. I know that Sen. Obama has had to develop views on foreign policy issues in his role as a senator and during his campaign. However, I ask the voters to consider this: on the biggest issue of the last few years, Senators Obama and Biden didn't think Gen. Petraeus' plan would work. They didn't think it should be tried and thought it would fail if tried.

That was their considered judgment.

Sen. McCain was leading the way in support of Gen. Petraeus' efforts when it was unpopular to do so.

A McCain administration will have as its priority national security. We will use diplomacy whenever possible. But we believe effective diplomacy is aided by strength. I share Sen. McCain's perspective on this.

As governor of Alaska, I've had to make decisions about energy policy. Energy policy is an important part of foreign affairs and national security. As vice-president, I'll be working on those issues in particular.

I look forward to serving alongside Sen. McCain on the wide range of issues America faces. I promise you we will put country first in our decision making.