Sports: Just like that, the Dodgers are down 2-0 in the NLCS

Game 1 slipped away on two bad pitches.

Game 2 got away in a couple of bad innings.

Game 3 is pretty much must win.

Weisman sets the stage with some perspective in defense of Kemp who has struggled at the plate, some observations about the pitching situation and some other observations of games 1 and 2.

He concludes:

There should be a beautiful sunset tonight. When the game starts, the scoreboard will say 0-0. Let's have some fun.

I have tickets to game 5!

Here's hoping we leave Dodger's Stadium that night sending the team back on the road amid cheers of victory!

UPDATE: Dodgers 7 Philadelphia 2! See you at Dodgers Stadium for Game 5!