Busy time for Liverpool FC

Bolton on 2/4, Everton on 2/7, Tottenham on 2/10, three games in seven days!

Daniel Sturridge looks to be a sub for the near term until he gets fully fit again. 

Will be very curious how Rodgers juggles his starting lineups to accommodate so many games in such a short time. They want to beat Bolton to keep their FA Cup hopes alive. They want to beat Everton since they are their crosstown rival. They want to beat Tottenham to continue the climb up the table. So am figuring he will go with his starting 11 in each case but liberal substitutions in the second half.

Don't see an aging Gerrard playing all 90 minutes of all three games. Which game might he be taken out early?

Would think the Bolton match up provides the best chance for some rest for Gerrard in the second half should Liverpool grab the lead in the first half. In the "farewell" tour for Gerrard, I'm sure he will want to be on the field against Everton. Likewise, his leadership will be needed against Tottenham as a win allows Liverpool to jump to sixth place over the Hotspurs.

Who comes out of the game when Sturridge goes in for the second half?

Looks like Sterling, Coutinho, Lallana, and Markovic will use their speed to press opponents. Sturridge will come in and give one of the four a break, likely Lallana or Markovic.

If Rodgers needs more striking power, who is the second one off the bench? Borini? Lambert? Balotelli? Am guessing Borini?

UPDATE: Against Bolton, Henderson, Borini, and Sturridge got in as substitutes. Lallana, and Markovic came out with injuries while Sturridge came in for Allen for offense as they were down 1-0.

UPDATE: Regarding the upcoming Everton match, one suspects Rodgers line-up card will be driven by how fit from injury are Lucas, Lallana, and Markovic. If all three are unavailable, look for the regular goalie and back three, midfield of Henderson, Moreno, Manquillo, and Gerrard, forward of Coutinho, Sturridge, and Sterling. Would think Sturridge plays just the first half with Borini coming in for him in the second half. Subs: Ward, Johnson, Ibe, Allen, Borini, Lambert, and Balotelli.