The 2014 Summer Transfers

The manager always takes the heat when things don't go right.

Looking at the on-the-field performance, things were looking grim in the fall. However, the team has been doing better. They still aren't getting as many goals in line with their possession and shots toward the goal but they are getting wins and draws. So hats off to the coaching squad.

The owners of Liverpool FC, I have discovered recently, are from the USA in the from of the Fenway Sports Group based in Boston!

One thing they will have to look at is the people involved in the 2014 summer signings.

What I don't know is what was really expected of the signings going into the season as I wasn't following Liverpool then.

I'm figuring if you are getting paid 10 million pounds a year, you should probably be on the field a fair amount. For the curious, here is the Liverpool weekly salary. For comparison, see Chelsea.

Below are the summer signings and my brief observations
Adam Lallana (Southampton, £25m)
Getting minutes on the field and seems to be fitting into the speedy offense mindset Rodgers wants. Four goals so far puts him on track to match his previous season at Southampton.

Lazar Markovic (Benfica, £20m)
Getting minutes on the field and seems to be fitting into the speedy offense mindset Rodgers wants. But I would think they expected more goal scoring?

Emre Can (Bayer Leverkusen, £9.8m)
Getting minutes on the field. Seems to have been an important part of the defense in the recent revival of Liverpool competitiveness.

Rickie Lambert (Southampton, £4m)
Not a lot of playing time. Not a lot of goals scored unlike his previous two seasons at Southampton. But given his salary, perhaps he was expected only to be a substitute and to start only when other players need a break or suffer from injury.

Mario Balotelli (Milan, £16m)
It is not working out so far.

Divock Origi (Lille, £10m)
Still at Lille so no record at Liverpool yet to consider.

Alberto Moreno (Sevilla, £12m)
Getting minutes on the field consistently in mid-field.

Dejan Lovren (Southampton, £20m)
Haven't seen much of him. Was supposed to shore up the shaky defense. At such a high price, at this time, would have to say he has turned out to be a questionable acquisition.

Javier Manquillo (Atl├ętico Madrid, loan)
Haven't seen much of him. As a young player, he may have been brought in to serve in a substitute capacity.

Busts as of now:
Balotelli and Lovren

Seems to be working out:
Can, Moreno

Wait and see:
Lallana, Markovic, Lambert, Origi, Manquillo