Liverpool v Tottenham

Big match up Tuesday!

Big question marks for Liverpool:

1. Who does BR plug in for Lucas, now definitely out with injury?
Joe Allen? Or some other option?

2. Sturridge played 34 minutes on Saturday, how many more minutes is he ready for?
If BR sends him in for only one half, is it for the first of the second?

3. How do you utilize Gerrard?
He has logged a lot of minutes lately. Is a tired Gerrard still a better option or does BR roll the dice with one of the younger players either resting Gerrard entirely or limiting his minutes?

4. Who is covering Kane?
Don't see Liverpool "parking the bus." As such, it could be a free-flowing back-and-forth game!

UPDATE: Looks like Sterling is also out for today's match. So what will Rodgers put out on the field? My guess ...
Sakho, Skrtel, Can
Moreno, Allen, Henderson, Markovic
Coutinho, Sturridge, Gerrard
Johnson, Ibe, Manquillo
Balotelli, Borini, Lambert

UPDATE: 3-2! Mario B hits the game winner!