So Cal Sports Round-Up

Can the LA Kings make a run at defending their Stanley Cup title?

The first step is getting into the playoffs. At the moment, the Kings are on the edge of qualifying for the playoffs fighting for that last spot in the wildcard. There are still around 20 games to go so fans will watch the movement both up or down in the standings will mean whether they get in or out of the playoffs.

On the LA King's site there is a wonderful collection of videos that chronicled their dramatic playoff run in the 2013-2014 season. Seeing those videos vividly highlight the grit and determination needed to win a championship. Am figuring with this team, they can pull it together to make the playoffs. Just hope they can stay healthy enough to get that shot at defending the Cup as the many rounds of the playoffs will take its toll on any team.

Meanwhile, what about UCLA basketball?

In ESPN bracketology, UCLA is listed in the "last four in" group. Upsetting Arizona would be a big plus for their case but that might be asking a lot to beat the Wildcats on their home court. UCLA definitely has to beat the two Washington schools and USC. A run to the finals of the Pac12 tournament would help and even then they could wind up a bubble burst.

The team has gotten better but they have little margin for error as the starting five plays the lion's share of the minutes and score almost all the points. If one or two get into foul trouble or an injury were to occur, they would be out of options as all their games from here on out are pretty much all must win.