LA Galaxy a bit of a muddle

LA was defeated at Montreal on the stoppage time free kick. The goal was a howler as Rowe probably would stop that thing 9 times out of 10. The other part that irks fans is that the free kick was set up by a ill-timed foul. Net result a 3-2 defeat snatched from the jaws of a draw.

Tonight, LA take the field at home against a struggling SKC.

MLS does not take the entire international break off though after tonight's match, LA doesn't play again until June 18.

The feeling I get following the club and seeing parts of several games is that they run hot and cold. They can get out and score in bunches as reflected by their 27 goals so far that makes them the highest scoring club currently. On the other hand, when the game is close, their defense has let them down thus yielding draws that should be wins and losses that should be draws (both came in 2nd half stoppage time!). Thus, with the most goals scored and the highest goal differential, the club languishes in 5th place in the Western Conference (top 6 make the playoffs) though in fairness to the Galaxy they do have a couple of games in  hand. Nonetheless, the feeling is they could/should be doing better than 5 wins 2 losses and 5 draws.

Player performance:
Steres - am guessing he wasn't expected at the beginning of the season to be logging this many minutes but circumstances have given him the opportunity and he is doing pretty well
Van Damme - his addition does give LA a more fierce defense overall but there have been untimely breakdowns costing them but Van Damme is a powerful presence in the back line
Zardes - will see if all the USMNT duty wears him out but he is a positive force with the potential for big stardom
Cole - another veteran added off season to shore up the defense
Magee - a great pick up! The second goal against Montreal was spectacular
Lletget - he made a big splash early last season but so far not quite the same since
Rogers - a solid role player
Dos Santos - has been on fire!
Gerrard - continues to divide the fan base - good moments but than other times disappears and seems out of gas late in games
De Jong - intimidating presence in the midfield and generally viewed as a good pick up and looks to take a DP spot next season
Keane - hard to say between injuries and international duty still solid but is time catching up with him?
Boateng - promising newcomer, remains to be seen how much of the upside he will ultimately attain to

FT: LAG 0 SKC 0. Didn't watch the match but read some of the post-game and watched the video highlights. Would this qualify as a "damp squib" as Roger Bennett of Men In Blazers would say?