USA v. Argentina - Tuesday 6PM PDT

#31 vs. #1. Am guessing the odds makers have the USA as huge underdogs. In this case, against the #1 ranked team in the world with the most famous player in the world, Lionel Messi, it isn't false humility to say the USA are the underdogs. Huge. Underdogs.

Team USA's most dramatic moments on the world stage have come against .... Ghana in 2014...

Algeria in 2010 ....

The hard headed sports analysts in me says that in all likelihood, Argentina will dominate possession and eventually get a couple of goals and win comfortably 2-0 or something like that.

But if the USA can keep it close such that one magical moment could do it ..... well who will join the ranks of Landon Donovan and John Brooks for scoring a late in the game goal that sends fans into the stratosphere in celebration ..... ?

Will be interesting to see if Fox Sports will come up with an exciting and stirring teaser for the match! Go Team USA!!