Falkenberg FF and the Allsvenskan

Can Falkenberg (FFF) stay in the Swedish top-level league, the Allsvenskan?

It is going to be a uphill battle for them but I think it is still possible.

To finish 14th and thus qualify for the relegation playoffs, they need somewhere between 24-32 points. That is the number of points the #14 place team has gotten since the current 16-team table has been in place (since 2008).

If they can beat bottom of the table clubs (11-16), draw mid-table (6-10), and lose to top-table (1-5), they can finish with 30 points which should put them in 14th or even better.

Can they do it? Go FFF! Laget vid Havet!

UPDATE: Ooooffff ..... 3-0 up on Hammarby only to surrender 3 goals and only getting a draw out of that match. Not good.