LA Galaxy & Seattle Sounders - A tale of two clubs

On Sunday, LA plays Seattle up at Seattle.

It has been a rough season for Seattle. This item highlights what has been going wrong this year.

The club has been losing matches and the coach has been fired and there are rumors of discord in the locker room.

LA has won its last 6 matches (4 MLS and 2 Open Cup) and climbing up the table in the West and in the Supporter's Shield. They have been playing good defense and the offense is been efficient. 34 goals puts them in the top 6 in the MLS but 207 shots is last in the league!

Can the Galaxy make a run to the MLS Cup with this group?

Certainly, the players seem to be playing well as a team both on offense and defense. The additions of the three aging Eurostars off season has made a difference. However, they have picked up some red cards and injuries which could cost them. In the end, a run to a championship needs both talent, chemistry among players, and some luck in avoiding the injuries. But in addition to the older talent on the club, the Galaxy's eye for younger talent has been another key to their success.

Seattle certainly looks vulnerable right now and the Galaxy should win this one but Seattle and Galaxy have had their share of tough matches over the years!

UPDATE: 1-1 tie. Didn't see the whole match but Seattle looked to be having the better of it and LA managed to snatch a tie from the jaws of defeat. Certainly, looking at the states, the Green bars were better than the Blue bars.