Dodgers 2016 as of July

On one hand, things haven't gone according to plan:
The hope was that Pederson, Puig, and Grandal would show the hitting form they exhibited in early 2015. There are hints of it but still their numbers aren't great.
The hope was Turner and Gonzalez would continue to defy father time and be the core of the offense. There are hints of it but still their numbers aren't great.
The hope was that collecting a bunch of starting pitchers would be better than spending huge money on one pitcher. Unfortunately, there is almost an entire roster of starting pitchers on the DL right now. But things maybe turning a corner with the return of McCarthy and soon return of Ryu.
The front office probably didn't plan on having to use Stripling, Urias, and Bolsinger as pitchers as much as they had to. They weren't always effective but they did show promise, in particular Urias.

However, there have been some positives:
Seager looks to be the star the front office thought he might be.
Thompson appears to be better than the scouts anticipated though his numbers are starting to fall off.
Utley seems to be drinking from the fountain of youth validating their decision to hang onto him.
For all the problems the relief corp had at the beginning of the season, they seem to be settling into their respective roles. But one worries they are being overworked and at some point they may collapse.
Kazmir after a rocky start is now 7-3.
Maeda coming over from Japan was an uncertain quantity is showing himself to be capable.
UPDATE: Although, lately he seems to run out of gas as the innings add up in the game (his outings tend to run 5 to 6 innings).
At least the first outing for Bud Norris worked out. Hopefully, he will turn into a solid number 3, 4, or 5 starter.

Considering how many injuries hit the pitching staff that part of the club isn't doing too bad - they are #4 in the NL in terms of ERA. Given the options for pitching aren't great in the coming trade deadline am guessing the front office is going to look for offense (#8 ranked in run production in the NL). But who do you let go? Any of the existing pieces? Some of the prospects? How much will they be willing to spend?

Go Dodgers!