Liverpool Summer Update

So far LFC has not been very active in the summer transfer window. As of this writing, they have signed four players (Grujic, Matip, Karius, and Mane). I've only been following Liverpool the two years prior and LFC had rather frantic summer transfer activity compared to this summer. Hopefully, Klopp will be able to make judicious signings unlike the rather chaotic mix-and-match the previous two summers.

The management is looking to lock down Klopp to a longer term deal.

Usher describes it this way:
Back in October, when Rodgers departed, any suggestion that Liverpool would reach the Europa League final having knocked out Manchester United, Dortmund and Villarreal along the way would have been laughed out of town. Yet that's what they did, and although the 3-1 defeat to Sevilla in the final showed just how far they have to go, the journey that took them there at least suggests that Klopp gives them a chance of getting back to the top. There is no guarantee he will bring success to the club, but Liverpool are extremely lucky to have him and their swiftness in opening talks on a contract extension tells you that they know it.

The club will play nine pre-season friendlies of which three will be in North America. EPL matches start up again in August. Don't think I'll have the energy to blog about each match in the EPL campaign. There will also be potentially a few matches in the League Cup and the FA Cup. Unfortunately, there will be no European football (Europa or Champions League). I think a realistic goal would be to finish fifth.

Looking at the last 7 years:
2010 - 7th
2011 - 6th
2012 - 8th
2013 - 7th
2014 - 2nd
2015 - 6th
2016 - 8th