LA Dining: Echigo

Looking for a real sushi place?

Give Echigo a try.

They only serve sushi items. No noodles. No teriyaki. No California Rolls or any other mutant forms of the real deal.

I'm not a huge sushi fan but this place was recommended by a friend who is. I think my prior experience with sushi may have been skewed by trying not so good places. At the risk of sounding unsophisticated, some of my prior sushi meals left me feeling like I was eating bait. I have gone fishing and use fish bait and it has that fishy aroma. None of that aroma as you walk into the restaurant and none of that in the 9 individual items I had. Clearly they are passionate about what they are doing as each item was hand crafted on the spot. Some items are artfully decorated with a bit of chopped vegetable while others have tiny swirls of sauce.

Eager service from the staff. As each sushi item was prepared, it is brought over without fanfare and the occasional word of advice, no sauce please.

Simplicity. Mostly tables for two and a some tables for four. Sushi bar seating for "chef's choice" option. A la carte for the tables. Not really a "date" type of place unless you both happen to be sushi fanatics!

Dinner for two with tax and tip came out to around $62.

Echigo Restaurant
12217 Santa Monica Blvd. #201
Los Angeles, CA 90025