Thoughts at the midnight hour

Isn't it odd that sometimes clarity of thought comes at the midnight hour?

I suppose maybe the quietness of the hour has something to do with it.

I suppose because one is not dashing off to go do something might help focus the thoughts of the mind.

Was browsing a book loaned to me by one of my guy buddies.

The book is titled, "Singles at the Cross-Roads" by Albert Hsu from InterVarsity Press, 1997.

Was flipping through the book reading a paragraph here and a paragraph there.

One section caught my eye and after reading it, I had to blog about it.

pp. 156-157 excerpt:

Celibacy is not as foreign a concept as we might think.... It is no higher calling for singles to be celibate than for married couples to be monogamous. Just as married couples vow to be monogamous, these singles vow to be celibate.
A single who is committed to celibacy will develop the discipline needed to practice fidelity in marriage.... If one cannot be celebate as a single, how does one expect to be faithful as a spouse?
... married couples must learn to relate as friends, not only as sexual partners. [Norris writes] "It is precisely the skills of celebate friendship - fostering intimacy through letters, conversation, performing mundane tasks together (thus rendering them pleasurable), savoring the holy simplicity of a shared meal, or a walk together at dusk - that can help marriage survive the rough spots. When you can't make love physically, you figure out other ways to do it."

What do you think?

What an idea, eh? Celibacy as an honorable thing. Expressing celebate friendship is a form of love just as valuable as marital physical union.

Will this idea make inroads on our sex-obsessed society?

Sure might make us all a bit more healthy and less neurotic, eh?