Ralph Winter Profiled in Time Magazine

Time magazine recently profiled 25 evangelical Christians. Ralph Winter founded the efforts going on at the United States Center for World Missions where a friend of mine works. She shared with me that the organization is pleased with the additional exposure but emailed me USCWM's response to some unfortunate inaccuracies in Time's article. Check out the corrections to the Time profile here.

In the old days, you would have to contact the publisher and hope they publish an addendum or correction in some subsequent issue of the magazine. With the internet, you can put it up on your web site and send off an email to your supporters referencing that link. I wonder to what degree bloggers may help get out the word about the clarification?

I wonder if the other 24 felt they were accurately quoted?

As of right now, the blogosphere (according to technorati) hasn't picked up the Winter response story yet. To see who is talking about it, click here.