We're number 66: the other tournament

In this time of March Madness, this blog will march to the beat of a different drummer and have a few posts about the NIT! To see my thoughts on the NCAA go to my other blog.

But back to the NIT.

The NIT has its Sweet 16 and are now drawing down to the round of 8. Memphis, Texas A&M, TCU, St. Joseph's and Vanderbilt are in with 3 more slots to fill. The game of local interest will be Cal State Fullerton vs. Georgetown. Fullerton is part of the Big West Conference that sent Pacific and Utah State to the Big Dance.

My NIT final four picks: Maryland, Georgetown (though I have to root for Fullerton), Memphis and St. Joseph's.

Look for a final game at MSG between Maryland and St. Joseph's with Gary Williams coach of Maryland cutting down the nets with his team that has gone hot and cold throughout the season. This team beat Duke TWICE so you have to say they are the favorites.