Culture: 24, 6 to 7 pm

Jack manages to evade being killed by the Russian security people in the consulate but can't get off the grounds nor contact the outside world with the information the Russian Consul General gave him after some torture.

In DC, the "hidden hand" conspiracy continues to unfold though we still don't know who is really behind it. If Reed is to be believed from a couple of episodes ago, the Veep isn't actually in on it so he is willing unwitting participant.

Tom continues to vacillate about doing the right thing and in this case opts to back the Veep in claiming falsely that Assad triggered the bomb.

Meanwhile, the President Logan and Martha Logan thread takes a bizarre turn when Martha tabs Logan!

By the way, good old Aaron Pierce shows up as Martha's side kick.

In any case, Martha does make the phone call to the Russian President's wife who in turns convinces the Russian President to green light the CTU attack on the consulate.

The raid is successful and Kiefer is rescued and he tells CTU to look in Shadow Valley for the drones and the 3 suitcase nukes.

Implausibility alert: fingering Assad is a little too easy here. You would imagine the bomb sight is being gone over by the FBI, secret service and the military and someone will figure out the bomb had a remote triggering device. If Assad triggered it than he is now dead and the device should be on him. Some techie investigator will know that is pretty short order and it will move up the chain of command and the Veep and Tom's story will be quickly contradicted. I suppose the Veep could send all those people to Alaska to keep them quiet.

Implausibility alert: I'm a little surprised that the security forces in the Russian Consulate are having such a hard time finding one guy. I realize the Consulate might not be as heavily defended as an actual embassy but it also shouldn't be as big as an embassy.