Sports: Where Gus Johnson goes close games follow

Two dramatic games for Gus Johnson to call today. I remember him from last year's tournament when he went totally crazy during the Gonzaga vs. UCLA regional semi-final.

Today, in the opener, Ohio State looked dead down by 9 with Oden in foul trouble. But they rallied and hit a three with 4 seconds left to send it into overtime where they easily defeated Xavier 78-71. As you might imagine the excitable Johnson was having a blast down the stretch.

In the second game of that sub-regional, Louisville and Texas A&M were trading the leads and tying it up possession after possession. It came down to a dramatic finish with Texas A&M holding off Louisville and Gus capturing the emotions of the arena and the teams with his play-by-play.

Am hoping for a Bruin victory later today, prefer an easy win but will take *any* kind of win today!

UPDATE: By the end of the day there were 3 OT games! Most of the games were hotly contested into the final minutes if not into the last minute. UCLA held on to defeat IU 54-49! Whew, that was nerve racking!!