Politics: Super Duper Tuesday

Poll round-up on GOP side.

21 states.

I don't know how many states Romney needs to win for their brain trust to conclude they should keep going.

Certainly, an upset win in California would probably indicate some GOP "buyer's remorse" over McCain. A loss in California would probably cap a night of losses throughout the country.

Where Romney might win:
North Dakota

Where Romney should win:

Another thing to watch is how Huckabee does in the South. If his voters stand by their man and they wind up collecting more delegates than Romney on Super Duper Tuesday then Romney is finished.

Democratic tallies.

22 states.

The drama for this voter is that in both races, California is close!

On the Democrat side, if Clinton holds onto California then she probably goes onto the nomination pretty easily as the bubble for Obama burst. If Obama takes it, then the magic carpet ride continues and its an indication of a tide of history that will sweep away the House of Clinton.