Amateur Theologian

I recognize that professional theologians have training in the original languages, taken classes in church history and systematic theology, and spend most of their time mulling over the Bible text and the knots of trying to bridge the thought world of Christian faith and daily life in a world skeptical of god (generic) and Jesus as the Christ (specific). My hats is off to them for their efforts!

In this blog space, I free acknowledge my reflections are in the realm of amateur theology. My goal is to give my best understanding of the Scriptures. Over the years, there have been various "projects" focusing on specific books of the Bible and other times specific topics.

Recently, have noticed that the Apostle Paul gets a lot of the brainpower of professional theologians. Makes sense given that much of the New Testament was written by him. And, not surprisingly, Christian theologians write many volumes about the doctrine of Christ (Christology).

Thus, for my next amateur theologian project, I was thinking of looking at the Apostle Peter's writings pertaining to the Holy Spirit.

Is there as lively a debate in Petrine theology as there is on Pauline theology?

Certainly, the doctrine of the Holy Spirit (Pneumatology) is lively in regards to the continualist and cessationist debate. Look for the label Petrine Pneumatology to follow the posts on this topic. Haven't set myself a schedule as regular life often is quite busy. But I wanted to give this topic some thought and see where it leads.