CCL Match: LA Galaxy vs. Comunicaciones

FT - and that's all folks. Galaxy pick up 2 wins and gaudy goal differential numbers heading into the road portion of CCL which will be in late September and late October.

90 - 2 minutes of added time.

88 - Keane dancing around with the ball back to Walker back to Keane and its 5-0!

86 - long ball to dos Santos who swings it left for Keane to put it into the net! 4-0.

77 - on the whole LAG dominating possession with some near miss shots.

76 - Lletget in for Gordon.

53 - Keane to Gordo gooooool! 3-0.

46 - Keane in for Zardes.

HT - after the initial 2 goals, Com has been more competitive. LAG with more shots but not all that threatening. Will be interesting to see the substitution by Coach Arena for LAG.

40 minute - another free kick for LAG. Com defenders taking to the hack attack defense; but not much is happening for either side

28 minute - Gordon takes a shot .... right at the goalie; Gordo missed the open man to his left.

24 minute - is it my imagination or is the field looking pretty ragged looking? I suppose with the drought in California they might not water the grass as much?

21 minute - corner from Comunicaciones who have been dominating the last few minutes but Galaxy go on the counter attack but Comunicaciones recover in time.

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LA Galaxy (MLS Champions) vs. Comunicaciones (Guatemala champions).

Wow, just turned the game on TV (Fox Sports 2) and it is already 2-0 LA Galaxy on top!

The starting line-up for LA:

Substitutes available: Wolverton (G), DeLaGarza (D), Leonardo (D), Sorto (D), Juninho (M), Lletget (M), and Keane (F).

Similar line up compared to the first CCL game against Central (Trinidad and Tobago champion) though this time Dos Santos is starting as opposed to coming off the bench.