San Jose Earthquakes vs. Los Angeles Galaxy

San Jose is up 1-0 at the half. Seems to me they are faster to the loose balls and their defensive pressure is causing hurried and errant passing by the Galaxy. Also, seems like the SJ defensive backs are using their size to frustrate dos Santos by initiating contact and knocking him down.

Don't know enough soccer to know what Coach Arena is going to do in the second half to change the narrative of the game. Something will have to be done on the Galaxy side as San Jose is dominating and are sitting on a 1-0 lead and if the Galaxy doesn't change the flow of the game it could be 2-0 in short order.

UPDATE: Oh my, red card on Galaxy defender Leonardo at the 47 minute mark!

FINAL: 1-0, San Jose wins it. Hats off to San Jose, they put the pressure on in the first half and got the goal. They kept pressing and forced Leonardo to bring down the breakaway leading to the red card. But it seemed going down to 10 increased the Galaxy urgency and San Jose seemed to relax. Galaxy put some threats to score but seem to make one too many passes or didn't connect on the key final pass. It was a reality check game that tells the Galaxy that people aren't going to just fall down and let the Galaxy take the wins. San Jose seemed to make it a point to rough up Dos Santos to throw him off stride. And with speed to burn down the sides they put the Galaxy on the back foot in the first half.