LIverpool vs. West Ham

I remember last year, Rodgers had to juggle the line up a lot due to injuries and trying to push the right buttons to get something to work.

Right now, with two 1-0 wins and a 0-0 draw against Arsenal, it isn't time to make changes. I'd go with the same lineup as last week. Haven't heard if Henderson is back to game speed. Thus, Mignolet in goal.
Defense: Clyne, Lovren, Skrtel, Gomez
Midfield: Can, Milner, Lucas
Forwards: Firmino, Coutinho, Benteke

Will be interesting to see if Firmino is ready to go a full 90?

If not, will we see Ibe or Ings off the bench for him. I'd say Ings. Moreno will probably continue to be the late substitute defenseman of choice.