Stick a fork in 'em: Dodgers are done

Dodgers lost again.

I bought the tickets over a month ago figuring: Labor Day Monday, SF Giants and final month of a pennant race; could be a sell out.

Traffic to the stadium was light and the backup at the parking payment booths was minimal. Hardly a scalper to be found and the few were selling. Once seated in Dodger's stadium, wide swaths of the light blue reserved section were empty.

The reported attendance was 34,871 which is based on ticket sales. The capacity of Dodger's stadium is 56,000 and it looked less than half-full.

The fans have spoken with their feet and wallets: the Dodgers are done for the year.

In post-game Dodger-Talk, the fans were talking about next year.

Host A. Martinez tried to stay positive but the stat he cited was 25 games left and to finish at .500 the Dodgers would need to win 20. He asked rhetorically, has this team shown any hint of being able to go on that kind of spurt?

I have tickets to one more game this season and I'll go. I'll still listen to many of the games on the radio. I'm a fan but my expectations are adjusted accordingly. I'm a realistic fan and am listening because I enjoy baseball win or lose.

As a management issue, I don't know at what point will the order come down to Tracy to play the rookies more to see what they really have and give them more experience. The Padres are coming into town for a 3-game series September 9-11. My feeling is that the Dodgers will not "throw in the towel" by playing the rookies until that series is completed.