Three new sites I'm keeping an eye on

Hugh Hewitt has organized a collaborative blog with Albert Mohler, a baptist seminary president, John Mark Reynolds, a philosophy professor, Mark D. Roberts, a prebyterian pastor, Amy Welborn, a Catholic author and David Allen White, a literature professor.

One of my very good friends has entered the blogsphere. If you love dogs, you'll love her poem about playing fetch with her dog. I'm now mulling over her thoughts on whether we live in "the Matrix" or not and can we tell the difference.

Finally, Blogs4God has returned! Apparently, the aggregation site was over-run by spammers and needed a major overhaul to defend against spammers and to capitalize on new protocols for aggregating blog posts. A great one stop place to see what Christian bloggers are writing about.

Also, please note on the right column that this blog has joined the Evangelical Aggregator.


Velma Lee said…
Dear Rene:

I would like to know what you think of the website:
expecially the 3-4 part writings on Globalization and 21st century/ Warren's PEACE plan.

Look forward to further exchange with you again soon.

Praying for your doctor's diagnosis, treatment and your trust in Him.