Leg 2: Chelsea v Liverpool

From the cautiously optimistic comments from Rodgers in regard to Sturridge, I am thinking Sturridge will not be playing Tuesday but maybe a substitute for Saturday's home match against West Ham.

Am not sure who is going to lose playing time when Sturridge is slowly worked back into the line up. Right now, looks like Rodgers' favorite three speedsters are: Coutinho, Sterling, Lallana. If I had to guess, Lallana would come off when Sturridge comes on the 2nd half for some fresh attacking vigor. Once Sturridge is shown to be 100% healthy again, he will start and Lallana may come in as the substitute for whomever looks to need a break.

My guess for the XI on Tuesday:
Goalie: Mignolet
Defense: Sakho, Can, Skrtel
Midfield: Markovic, Henderson, Moreno, Lucas
Forward: Gerrard, Sterling, Coutinho

Goalie: Ward
Defense: Lovren, Johnson
Midfield: Lallana, Allen
Forward: Borini, Lambert

Lallana and Borini likely first off the bench.

Not sure what they would do if they find themselves in the surprising position of having to hold a lead! Gerrard is sure to stay in the game especially if there is a possibility of PKs. Only see the manager taking him out of the game if it gets out of hand. Though Rodgers did take him out at the 70 minute mark in the first leg of this semi-final.

UPDATE: What a match! Alas, it is only another "moral victory" for Liverpool going down 1-0 in extra time. But considering the downward trend the team was on in the Fall of 2014 they are doing much better. Was rather stunned that Rodgers selected Balotelli instead of Borini for a sub and then plugging Ballotelli in instead of Lallana. I wonder if maybe Lallana wasn't fully fit? Anyway, will see if Sturridge gets to be a sub in the West Ham match and whether he gets to go in the game! Clearly, Liverpool has had chances in the two contests with Chelsea and in the FA Cup game against Bolton. They just couldn't get the ball into the net.