Steven Gerrard to Leave Liverpool FC

Iconic Liverpool soccer player Steven Gerrard has announced he will decline Liverpool's contract offer and is likely to go to the MLS at the end of the 2014-2015 Premier League season.

LA Galaxy has been mentioned as a possible destination. With Landon Donovan retiring, LA Galaxy may want to bring in a marque name with talent to fill that spot.

The business side of MLS calls for a salary cap on all teams but there is the Designated Player Rule (or Beckham rule) that allows teams to bring in two players of international stature. A team can sign a third player under the DP Rule but have to pay a luxury tax on that salary.

As new Liverpool FC fan, I don't have a storehouse of personal memories of Gerrard's contribution to the team but in it is clear he is a revered figure in their team's history. Hopefully, the team will rally to a strong second half of the season performance to send out their captain with a good showing.

As an LA Galaxy fan, it would be very exciting to have his skills and experience on the club.