Columbus Crew vs. LA Galaxy

Final score 1-1.


  1. Tale of two halves. Galaxy good in first and Columbus dominant in the second. Seems as if the Galaxy having the 1-0 lead went into the second half content to defend and eventually Columbus made them pay. Sometimes the best defense is some offense to keep the other team off balance. As it was Columbus held the ball a lot in the second half and they kept pushing and were bound to score.
  2. Ishizaki had a goal waved off due to a foul on him. 50/50 call at best could have made the game 2-0.
  3. The Galaxy could have gone up 2-0 also when Rodgers made some nifty moves with the ball but then muffed the shot wide right to his frustration. He has got at least to get that shot on goal.
  4. In the second half, Rodgers got a yellow card on what I thought was a pretty light foul.
  5. Zardes came in for the final 30 minutes but didn't seem to have much impact. Probably a little tired from USMNT duties.
  6. The last 10 minutes of so both sides seemed tired and it got sloppy. By this point, both sides seemed content to finish out the game drawn.
Anyway, the Galaxy have been playing mix and match line-ups most of the season so far due to injuries and international duties. Hopefully, the team will be more stable in the coming months and they can make a push up the table.