USA 2 Germany 0

Episode 6 of Behind the Crest of USWNT World Cup 2015.

Good win for team USA!

That second goal was fantastic!

Having the fresh energy of O'Hara (75 minute) and Wambach (80 minute) was key to that goal. Wambach energetically tracked down that ball in the corner instead of letting it go and bobbed and weaved with it and then sent it over to Klingenberg who fired it to Lloyd who then crossed it over to the middle where O'Hara pounced and poked it into the goal!

On the other hand, that moment might never have happened if the two big penalty calls had gone differently.

Julie Johnston drew a yellow instead of a red card which would have left the US down a player for 31 minutes. At the 67 minute mark, Morgan won a yellow card (deserved) from Krahn and a penalty kick (questionable) which Lloyd cashed in.

The US did appear to be the stronger side in the game but there is no way to be certain the US would have won if the calls had gone differently.

In the post-game press conference one of the reporters compared Carly Lloyd to Steve Gerrard!

Below is episode 2 from the LA Galaxy's introduction of Gerrard to the fans.