USWNT: USA 2 Columbia 0

Well, the starting line-up was the same as the USA v. Nigeria match.

The commentators on TV observe that the defense is doing well but the offense isn't very effective.

Much of the talk was that in a 4-4-2 the team doesn't have as much offensive presence especially since of the forward two, one is the aging Wambach. Many suggested a 4-3-3 with the advantage of one additional attack minded forward and less ground for Wambach to cover might be more a better use of the talents on the roster.

One wonders if that is already been discussed among Coach Ellis' staff?

What it would be like to be a fly-on-the-wall hearing them discuss their options!

Certainly, there will be at least two changes in the quarterfinals against China as Holiday and Rapinoe picked up yellow cards last night and will be benched for one game due to accumulation.

Brian and Press are likely to take those spots on the midfield.

However, what is the line-up if the team switches to a 4-3-3?

Forwards: Morgan, Wambach, Press or Leroux for the third spot?
Midfielders: Health, Lloyd, Brian.

And of course, the other question is who will substitute in?

If the USA gets the lead, I would figure Wambach will be subbed out around the 60-75 mark. Who comes in for her?


Will O'Reilly and O'Hara make appearances?

Go Team USA!

UPDATE: Episode 4 Behind the Crest, USWNT 2015 World Cup.