Where to get news and views on the LA Galaxy?

LA Times coverage of the local soccer club is sparse. So where can one go to get news and comments about the LA Galaxy?

Here are the places I've been checking out:
ESPNFC - there is a page dedicated to news item about the Galaxy as a team and its players.
MLS - the site has items from all around the league.
LA Galaxy - from the club itself though some items would fall into the "soft" news category to burnish the image of the organization and its players as warm and fuzzy. One can be cynical about such things but the alternative is for the team NOT to make connections to the community by doing good deeds! So, I say bravo for their efforts!!
LAG Confidential - part of the SB Nation family of sports sites.
Corner of the Galaxy - part of the Backheel family of sports sites.

My plan at this blog is to link to articles I come across that I think are interesting. I'll also post my non-expert impressions of the team. I did not grow up playing soccer and have really only been following semi-seriously since the dramatics of the USMNT run in the 2010 World Cup.

Go Galaxy!